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retro-futuristic is a business consulting and design services provider run by Ann Bui. After completing her degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she spent many hours working at the MIT Media Lab, Ann Bui came to the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time, Netscape had just gone public. The skies were the limit for entrepreneurs and dreamers. However, there always have been real challenges to bringing an idea/vision into fruition in the form of a product and company.

Developing a business plan from a vision takes a wide range of skills and knowledge. You have to understand how to communicate to potential investors in the language that they understand. You also have to sell your vision to business partners and the talent that will build your company and your product for you. Ann has done that in start-up environments working with seed-funded ventures to fully-funded privately help companies. She can help you shape your messaging and brand your company. Take a look at her portfolio for a selected list of websites that she has designed and developed.

Once your venture is funded, Ann knows how to successfully build products, deploy them, create product presentatoins and develop long term relationships with loyal customers. She did it at great companies like Oracle and Autodesk. For more information on Ann's product management and development background, please take a look at her curriculum vitae.